My new life, hello anywhere, USA

The past two years have involved some mighty big changes for me.   First, my husband and I bought a  motor home in which to start exploring the country.   Then, I retired from my software engineering career of 15 years.   Next, we spent about half of 2011 exploring the east coast of the United States, while getting used to our new “mobile address”.

Spending so much time in a dramatically smaller living space taught me that I could really live with much less.   So when we were not traveling in our motor home, I found myself de-cluttering the house and liquidating tons of stuff I had collected over the years.

Eventually, my husband and I determined that we were having so much fun traveling in the RV, that it gave us the courage to make the “big leap” to become full-time RV-ers.   Our choice became a reality in January when we put a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, put our remaining furniture and other belongings into storage, loaded up the motor home and headed west.

If you are interested,  you can follow our adventures at Dickson Images’ Blog